Worldwide Wholesaler, Exporter and Supplier of Pharmaceuticals from TURKEY !!!






About Us

SEZIN Foreign Trade Limited is one of the leading Turkish Licensed International Wholesaler and Exporter of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies. As a Wholesaler, we can supply any BRANDED MEDICINES from Multinational Companies and any GENERIC MEDICINES from Local Turkish Companies.

Also SEZIN Foreign Trade Limited is an agent for a Licensed Seller of a Refinery of Mazut M100, Gas Oil D2 and Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54. With an eye on quality SEZIN Foreign Trade Limited strives to ensure customer satisfaction through the strength of its relationships and a focus on a relatively narrow band of products to ensure optimal expertise.

Integrity is the key feature of our philosophy and we can establish the basis for transaction swiftly thereby saving time. With competitive pricing, experienced staff and a flexible approach our clients can make Spot purchases or 1 - 5 year contractual positions and ensure a degree of insulation from market fluctuations.

SEZIN Foreign Trade Limited has a strong Banking pedigree in Turkey and is capable of managing all aspects of Bank to Bank documentary requirements of the various transactions. Our Hallmarks are swift, reliable and accurate processing of documents.

We have experience in the search for the best products and buying sources, realized by following the specific requirements of each client according to the features and properties that best match the customer criteria such as price, quality, delivery time, origin, etc.

Our mission is to provide best quality service with complete customer satisfaction at all levels.